Carmina Kit Box Black
Carmina Kit Box Black
Carmina Kit Box Black


Carmina Kit Box Black

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Carmina Shoes made from Spain. Carmina was founded in 1866 by Matias Pujadas. The 3rd generation owned business has special shoemaking techniques. Each shoe is handcrafted, with Goodyear welted construction. shoes made with this method can be easily resoled, offer optimal comfort and last a lifetime.


Product Details

- 1 black Shoe Cream (50 ml) to keep your shoes nourished, restore colour and ensures an enviable shine

- 1 beeswax (100 ml) which fills in marks and scuffs and guarantees a superior shine

- 1 versatile standard polishing brush (12 cm) with horsehair bristles, strong enough for buffing and cleaning but soft enough not to damage the leather

- 1 cloth (40 cm x 40 cm) that will help you clean, shine and polish your shoes